Our offer: a new and beautiful apartment fitted with all modern conveniences

  1. Use of linen and bedclothes.
  2. Use of garage for bikes.
  3. Use of garden chairs (see garage).
  4. Use of washing machine (see garage).
  5. Leaflets of the surrounding area, (for perusal only, please don’t take away)


  1. Please be careful about our things.
  2. Please clean the apartment before you leave.
  3. Please put the laundry in the laundry basket next to the washing machine.
  4. Please be sure to switch off the cooking ring before closing the kitchenette doors to avoid overheating.
  5. Please mention broken things (a broken cup, glass or plate, it can happen to the best of us). This way we will be able to replace it.
  6. Before you leave please switch off the fridge and leave the fridge door open, close and lock the apartment doors and windows.
  7. Make sure to switch off the heating system before you leave.
  8. Smoking in the apartment is forbidden. Don’t throw butts on the grass due to FIRE HAZARD.
  9. In case of power failure you’ll find the switch box in the closet of the bedroom.

The tenant’s deposit amounts to 150,00 Euros. In case of reservation you pay a deposit of 25%. The outstanding rent and tenant’s deposit must be transferred not later than 8 weeks before arrival. When the rent has not been payed, we are entitled to let the apartment to another tenant. Tenants will be informed by e-mail info@druivenparadijs.nl


A few tips:

The trash can be put along the public road every Tuesday evening.
Phone numbers:
Police: 17
Fire brigade: 18
Dentist: DR NIVET Alain, 05 45 83 44 67
The hospital is domiciled in Cognac.

Family doctors:

Tel: 05 45 83 42 18

Tel. 05 45 83 40 71

Doctor CORMEAU Yves
Tel. 05 45 83 40 70